– About Myself –

Born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I love the outdoors, which gives me the opportunity to shoot in so many amazing locations. My photography, as most, started out as a hobby and quickly turned into a small profitable business and I am now having the time of my life doing what I love most. Through photography I’ve learned to communicate and connect with a wide group of clientele. This year I added Personal Branding to my list of attributes. I have focused on local small businesses who are looking for a website refresh, professional headshots, lifestyle images and team photos, to name a few.

I have been described as charismatic and sometimes silly but it’s all for the cause right? I also possess a professional side which is equipped with a mix of reliability, dedication and being efficient with a splash of witty dry humor and the ability to find that special connection with each client I have the pleasure of photographing. We will walk through all the steps prior to and during the shoot to make sure your day is seamless (and fun!!! Don’t forget fun!!! )

Trust me, I get being uncomfortable in front of the camera, (that’s why i’m BEHIND it), so making you feel comfortable and getting great photos is my ultimate goal. 

I am a mother to three magnificent humans, a beautiful grand daughter and a new grand son and two charming pooches. I love all things wine and 90’s hard rock music. I also may dance at times, even publicly LOL!!